Aerial Larvicide Will Drop in San Diego County

Aerial larvicide drops can save many people from fatal diseases. That is why controlling the bites is important. As the temperatures rise, San Diego County is now preparing to prevent the overwhelming growth in mosquito populations. The county plans to prevent mosquitoes from spreading the disease and breeding even more. It will drop its very … Read more

Mosquito-Free Vacation Places to Consider for Any Weekend

A mosquito-free vacation can save you and your loved ones from different types of diseases. Escaping to another place will enable you to relax and recharge with your friends or family without any hassles. Having mosquitoes around can be frustrating and discouraging. Thankfully, some places are safe and mosquito-free. Planning Your Trip Mosquito bites can … Read more

The Skin Microbiome Can Be an Effective Natural Mosquito Repellent

Skin microbiome can help fight mosquito-borne diseases. Studies show that changing the structure of your skin microorganisms can serve as a mosquito repellent. This valuable research can change the course of the battle against these insects. The Science Research shows that the skin has bacteria that produce odors that can either attract or repel mosquitoes. … Read more

Repellent Stickers and Wristbands Are Not Effective In Preventing Bites

Repellent stickers, as well as wristbands, have always been considered by many consumers because of their convenience. These products also promise a lasting level of protection against mosquito bites. But studies show that they are not that reliable at all. The Importance of Repelling Mosquitoes Heat and humidity make you more attractive to female mosquitoes. … Read more

Aging in Mosquitoes Speeds Up in Rising Temperatures

Aging accelerates in mosquitoes because of the high temperatures. This process weakens a mosquito’s immune system. A compromised immune system makes these insects susceptible to diseases. The rising temperature of the planet is worsening the situation. Weak Immune System The body gives out many immune responses to get rid of the infection when immunocompetent individuals … Read more

Spatial Repellents and Transfluthrin Can Help Protect From Mosquito Bites

Using spatial repellents is the ideal solution for mosquito bites in many areas of the world. It specializes in protecting individuals in a specific space. These repellent systems use transfluthrin to keep mosquitoes off. Here are more details that you must consider about these repellents and transfluthrin. The Workings of Spatial Repellents These repellent systems … Read more

Soap Scent Combo and Coconut Oil Are More Effective Than DEET

A soap scent can help repel mosquitoes. Studies show that coconut scent can be more effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Experts believe that this smell is more effective than DEET. Scientists found out that a person’s odor is a combination of at least 350 chemicals. Various ratios of these compounds can make individuals less or … Read more

A Mosquito Tornado Sighting and What Its Implication Is

A mosquito tornado formed in Pue, India. This event left everyone frightened in Kharadi and Keshavnagar. Scared citizens even called for people with flamethrowers. It was rare for these mosquitoes to swarm over Pune’s Mutha River. Anyone would panic at the sight of a living mosquito tornado. The Event The mosquito tornado terrified a lot … Read more

A Warmer Planet Will Result in More Mosquito Swarms in the Future

Our warmer planet is likely to bring about more mosquito swarms in the future. Scientists say that it is tougher for mosquito predators to eat mosquito larvae because of the rising temperatures. This could make the fight against mosquitoes even more difficult. The Growth Boost Research shows that our warmer planet makes mosquito larvae develop … Read more

New Technologies in Development for Repelling Mosquitoes

Scientists are always thinking of new technologies when it comes to battling mosquitoes. The current trend is the use of nanotechnology and essential oil sprays. These options are effective in keeping mosquito-borne diseases away from you and your household. Know more about them and add them to your mosquito arsenal. Essential Oils These substances are … Read more

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Could Be Spreading Because of Mosquitoes

Flesh-eating bacteria may reach humans through mosquito bites. Research shows that there is a connection between humans and possums in spreading Buluri ulcer—the presence of mosquitoes. This is alarming in Africa and Australia. Knowing how this mosquito transfers flesh-eating bacteria can help motivate you to increase your mosquito bite protection. The Flesh-Eating Bacteria and the … Read more

A Soap Solution That Can Help You Fight Malaria Mosquitoes Better

A soap solution can help you in preventing malaria mosquito bites. For decades, the fight against malaria mosquitoes has proven to be unsuccessful at times. Mosquito carriers are already immune to pesticides. Studies show that adding a simple, everyday ingredient can help ward off malaria mosquitoes. The Essentials of Malaria Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease. … Read more

Needle-Free Solution That Can Protect Against Deadly Zika Symptoms

Finally, a needle-free solution can shield people against Zika. For years, protection against this disease has mainly been mosquito bite prevention. There has been no vaccine against it. This time. People exposed to large mosquito populations have a way to avoid the fatal Zika virus. The Threat of Zika This is a disease that hitches … Read more

Serious Mosquito-Borne Diseases: Dengue or Severe Dengue

Serious mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue and severe dengue can affect your quality of life. It may also lead to more complications or even death. These diseases are common in areas where mosquito populations are high. These places are often subtropical and tropical. Understanding the differences between these serious mosquito-borne diseases can help you protect … Read more

Rare Mosquito Diseases: St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE)

Rare mosquito diseases like SLE can occur in many people who have been bitten by infected mosquitoes. SLE manifests differently in different people. Some people develop symptoms while others do not. In rare cases, a patient may develop a long-term disability or may die. Preventing this illness lies in keeping mosquitoes from biting you. The … Read more

Rare Mosquito Diseases: Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Rare mosquito diseases like the EEE or Eastern Equine Encephalitis are spread by the bite of infected female mosquitoes. Research shows that the United States has a few cases every year. Most of them occur in the Gulf Coast or the eastern part of the United States. This mosquito-borne disease is fatal. Studies show that … Read more

Rare Mosquito Infections: The Barmah Forest Virus

Rare mosquito infections can transfer from animals to humans. Some viruses have specialized primary hosts that enable them to develop well. When another mosquito bites the primary host and then bites a human host, then rare mosquito infections develop fully. The Barmah Forest Virus is one such infection. Knowing more about rare mosquito infections like … Read more

Threatening Mosquito-Borne Disease: LAC or La Crosse Encephalitis

Many threatening diseases come from mosquitoes. One of them is LAC or La Crosse encephalitis. LAC is an illness caused by a virus. An infected mosquito transmits this virus by having a blood meal. This bunnyavirus is part of the California serogroup. It is also a close relative of the Jamestown Canyon Virus. In 1964, … Read more

Mosquito Diseases to Watch Out for This Monsoon Season

Mosquito diseases can start during the hot months. But with the monsoon season, these diseases can become more threatening. Many conditions can cause irritation, severe illness, and even death. Birth of Mosquitoes Different types of mosquitoes are born each year. This usually leads to a high risk of outbreaks. Every affected area must deploy measures … Read more

The Mosquito Has the Advantage: Why They Cannot Be Eliminated

Even one mosquito is very hard to kill. This kind of situation can be frustrating and unsafe. Even if you do kill one, there are more that will replace it. When they bite, you are at risk of contracting serious diseases. But why are mosquitoes difficult and even impossible to eliminate? Great Numbers There are … Read more

Eating Your Way to a Mosquito-Free Home and a Bite-Free Life

Eating the right foods can help keep your home mosquito-free and, most importantly, bite-free. Years of research and experimentation have given birth to many mosquito-repelling methods. These include clip-ons, sprays, oils, and candles. Many people use them, but others resort to a most untraditional way to repel mosquitoes—food. Keep Mosquito Bites at Bay With Foods … Read more

Mosquito Awareness: Are Repellents Necessary During Fall and Winter?

Mosquito awareness is important, even during the fall and winter. The warm months may be the peak seasons of mosquito breeding, but most of these insects merely change the way they do things during the cold months. So, yes, using mosquito repellents is part of mosquito awareness during fall and winter. Diapause Part of mosquito … Read more

The West Nile Virus Mosquito Is Now Becoming More Challenging to Kill

The West Nile Virus makes many Americans ill with flu-like symptoms in some people who get it. In rare cases, this pathogen causes problems that affect the spinal cord and brain. This infection first appeared in the latter part of the 90s. Since then, insecticides have been the primary means to control it. This method … Read more

Non-Native Fish Can Help Control Mosquito Populations

Non-native fish can help control the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. The public and many governments have supported this method of making a dent in mosquito populations. But this strategy is still questionable to many people because of the many risks involved. Despite the contradictions, releasing non-native fish can be beneficial in many ideal areas. Fish … Read more