Dengue Is Now Threatening the United States

Dengue is a disease common in sub-tropical and tropical areas. Its symptoms include high fever, petechial rashes, and body aches. But some infected individuals do not exhibit symptoms of this disease at all. For a long time, the United States has been safe from this illness. Now, this illness has breached the barrier. This illness … Read more

High-Risk Mosquito Bites: Dengue Is on the Move Again

Dengue comes from high-risk mosquito bites. This disease can spread quickly. Female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are the vectors of dengue and other ailments like Zika and chikungunya. The spread of this disease depends on environmental, climate, and social factors. Below are some of the important facts about dengue as it affects many areas again. What … Read more

Dengue: Repelling the Mosquitoes That Cause Dengue

A disease, such as dengue, can be fatal. Some areas have the right conditions for this virus to proliferate. There are still no vaccines to protect adults or travelers against dengue. Dengvaxia is only for nine to 16 year-olds. The most ideal way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to repel Aedes mosquitoes. … Read more

How to Treat Infections Cause by Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are irritating already. Some people are even allergic to them. They become more upsetting if the bites bring you an infection. Since female mosquitoes are always out to get a sip of your blood, you should remember that they are the ones that spread infections. A female “skeeter” is attracted to its target … Read more

Bacteria Shown to Stop Transmission of Mosquito-borne Illness

Researchers in Australia have shown that introducing a naturally-occurring bacterium in the wild, called Wolbachia, can control mosquitoes that cause Dengue fever. Wolbachia occurs naturally in 60 percent of all insect species, but not in Aedes aegypti, say experts. That’s the mosquito that spreads dengue. The mosquito species can also transmit Zika virus, yellow fever … Read more

Mosquitoes Can Pass Zika to Their Offspring

Mosquito-borne viruses, like dengue and chikungunya, tend to come in seasonal waves, flaring up in the summer or wet seasons, and fading in the winter or dry seasons. Zika is expected to behave similarly, though hopefully future flare-ups will be less intense than the current epidemic as people in affected populations develop immunity. One way … Read more