Aerial Larvicide Will Drop in San Diego County

Aerial larvicide drops can save many people from fatal diseases. That is why controlling the bites is important. As the temperatures rise, San Diego County is now preparing to prevent the overwhelming growth in mosquito populations. The county plans to prevent mosquitoes from spreading the disease and breeding even more. It will drop its very … Read more

West Nile Is Starting to Cause a Stir in California’s Counties

The West Nile Virus or WNV causes terrible disease in birds, humans, and horses. The Culex species of mosquitoes transmit this virus. That is why this disease can spread easily. As of now, WNV is plaguing California. All of the state’s 58 counties are affected right now. Without proper control and treatment, this disease can … Read more

How to Treat Infections Cause by Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are irritating already. Some people are even allergic to them. They become more upsetting if the bites bring you an infection. Since female mosquitoes are always out to get a sip of your blood, you should remember that they are the ones that spread infections. A female “skeeter” is attracted to its target … Read more