A Mosquito Tornado Sighting and What Its Implication Is

A mosquito tornado formed in Pue, India. This event left everyone frightened in Kharadi and Keshavnagar. Scared citizens even called for people with flamethrowers. It was rare for these mosquitoes to swarm over Pune’s Mutha River. Anyone would panic at the sight of a living mosquito tornado.

Mosquito tornado has affected so many people
Mosquito tornado has affected so many people

The Event

The mosquito tornado terrified a lot of people. Many people have been complaining about the phenomenon. Individuals who are staying in luxurious buildings have not been able to step out. They couldn’t even open their balcony doors or windows. Other people cannot visit parks or gardens either. This has been going on for three to four days.

Empty parks and playgrounds
Empty parks and playgrounds

They resort to using social media to get some kind of help. Their posts keep urging the authorities to clean up the affected areas. They continue to stress the hazards of letting mosquitoes breed to this point. Diseases like chikungunya, malaria, and dengue can cause more health concerns and even death.

The Cause

Scientists say that the recent weather changes have created ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Other experts say that the event was due to the water level increase in the Mula Mutha River. Because of this, the Pune Municipal Corporation began removing excess water days ago. Even so, the problem is still not under control.

Helping clean Mula Mutha River
Helping clean Mula Mutha River

People living along Pune’s riverbed have a more difficult situation. Different establishments are affected by the mosquito tornado. Schools, homes for the aged, local villages, as well as crematoriums are affected. The riverbed has a water treatment plant and a dam that slows down the water flow. This leads to water collection and stagnation, which gives mosquitoes good breeding areas. Mosquito tornadoes have also appeared in Russia and Central America, mostly during the monsoon or rainy season.

The Threat of Mosquito-Borne Disease in Pune

It is a known fact that mosquitoes are the cause of many dangerous tropical diseases. Yellow fever, malaria, chikungunya, and dengue are some of these ailments. These tiny insects are the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Statistics show that mosquitoes have wiped out half of the human population. India has about 40 million people who contract, such diseases every year. Case numbers rise from June to September, which is the monsoon season.

Pune's citizens are afraid of the diseases they might get from the mosquito tornado
Pune’s citizens are afraid of the diseases they might get from the mosquito tornado

Protecting Yourself from Mosquito Attacks

Here are some practical ways to protect yourself from a mosquito tornado:

  • Stay away from the tornado or any mosquito-prone areas.
  • Layer your protection by wearing long sleeves, pants, and closed shoes.
  • Apply and re-apply mosquito repellents.
  • Do not linger in wet or unkempt areas.
  • Stay indoors at dawn and at dusk when these insects are active.
  • Use mosquito nets when sleeping indoors and outdoors.
Protect yourself with effective mosquito repellents
Protect yourself with effective mosquito repellents

Protecting Your Home from Mosquito Attacks

Protecting your family is crucial during a mosquito tornado. Below are some ways to do so:

  • Maintain your lawn’s short grass and trim your shrubs.
  • Prevent rainwater from getting into your trash bins.
  • Repair your damaged or failing septic system.
  • Always clean out and change the water in your water containers, bird baths, and wading pools.
  • Keep your culverts, drains, and ditches free of blockage so that water can drain without any problem.
  • Get rid of unused containers, trash, or dead leaves on your property.
  • Clean out your gutters regularly.
  • Chlorinate and clean your swimming pool even if you do not use it.
  • Aerate your ponds or ornamental pools.
  • Introduce predatory fish in your pond.
  • Repair your leaky outside faucets and leaking water pipes.
Clean your surroundings to prevent mosquitoes from turning into a mosquito tornado
Clean your surroundings to prevent mosquitoes from turning into a mosquito tornado

A mosquito tornado is a scary sight. You can only rush indoors and seal any openings to protect yourself and your family. Leaving the area is definitely an option. But as you do, you should still layer up and keep the bites away. Doing so can keep you and your family safe until the tornado goes away.