OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent Review

[toc]Another great on-the-go mosquito repellent is OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent with lemongrass and geraniol. Lemongrass has a long history of protecting against insect bites and most of the best mosquito repellents contain either, or both.  Lemongrass oil is not to be confused with the bio-pesticide oil of lemon eucalyptus which must NOT be used on children under 3 years of age.

This repellent is unique in that it can be sprayed in virtually any position, including upside-down. What is nice about this feature is, you won’t find yourself awkwardly struggling to get into the right position in order to spray yourself down. It lasts for several hours and can be used on adults and children over 2 years of age according to the manufacturer.

Application is simple; Just shake and apply to areas of your skin and clothing that you are looking to shield against bites and re-apply every few hours. Of course with any repellent, reapplication times will vary depending on activity and other factors. For instance, if you are on the beach and find yourself going in and out of the water every hour or so, you might want to apply after each bathing. The same holds true for activities that cause excess perspiration such as climbing or hiking.

Consistent with my continued ‘no bias what-so-ever’ approach, I am giving this mosquito repellent a 3.5 out of 5 stars because of it’s proven effectiveness and ingredient concentration.

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OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent

OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent


  1. This repellent is very affordable.
  2. It provides instant protection upon application.
  3. It has a pleasing lemon/rose fragrance.
  4. It does not stain.

Features and specifications

  1. Comprised of Natural Plant Extracts

This insect repellent lists 3 different active ingredients, one of which is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). We know that SLS makes for an effective emulsifier but we could not find any data showing that the actual chemical compound SLS had repellent characteristics. What we did find was that many all natural insect ‘killers’ contained SLS, which dries up the target pests, leading to their demise. However, lemongrass and geraniol oils fill the bill as far a repellence goes and that duo, found in this mosquito repellent, packs a punch.

  1. Goes on clear and does not leave an oily residue

Not only can this spray applicator be used upside down and in a 360 degree motion, it contains a walloping 12 oz. which will last a very long time for an individual user, or will protect your entre family from pesky biters for at least several days with continued use. Not only is this formula designed to guard people, it is also safe to use on other ‘family members’ such as dogs and cats over the age of 12 months.

OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent

Rating Stars

OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Several Hour Protection without Harsh Bio-Pesticides

OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent is comprised of 2 repellent ingredients including lemongrass oil and geraniol oil. Both of these essential oils are also found on the EPA generally regarded as safe list or ‘GRAS’ for short. Repellents with ingredients selected from the GRAS list do not have to go through the rigorous registration process that chemical based mosquito repellents must adhere to. This product contains two popular and effective repellent minded ingredients, both selected from the GRAS list.

Active Ingredients

This product consists of the repellents lemongrass (Cymbopogon) and geraniol (a citronella extract) to keep a nice distance between you and annoying mosquitoes. The main ingredients are perfectly safe to use on people over 2 years of age and even on pets over 12 months of age. Remember to consult your veterinarian prior to using on animals that are pregnant or nursing, just to be safe.

The Citronella Extract with Lemongrass Tones

Once applied the rose and lemon fragrances blend in well and ease down once smoothed into your skin. You can rest assured that this fragrance is not overwhelming or overpowering to a point where you are uncomfortable. Pet’s seem to pay little attention to the odor and carry on about their day as if nothing ever happened. This is good because with so many mosquito horror stories in the news these days, we want to protect ourselves as well as our ‘other’ family members.

Key Features

12 oz. standard applicator really lasts.

Spray applicator can be applied upside down.

Contains geraniol and lemongrass, known performers to keep mosquitos away.

Works on pets over 12 months of age and safe for children over 2 years of age.


12 ounces.


Less active ingredients (under 7% active) than other formulas containing some of the same repellents.

Not for use on children under 2 years of age or dogs and cats under 12 months..


I concluded that this repellent does a good job and performs well, coinciding with it’s description. My final opinion was a 3.5 stars which took into account the amount of product you are getting (12 ounces) compared to the ingredient concentrations which are definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. Keep in mind, some products with much higher amounts of repellent ingredients do not perform as those that contain less, but in the right combination. OUT! Natural Care Mosquito Repellent includes the right blend and at a very fair price. And, with it’s larger size, it is nice to go camping or hiking without having to worry whether or not you have packed enough repellent for the days.

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