Repellent Stickers and Wristbands Are Not Effective In Preventing Bites

Repellent stickers, as well as wristbands, have always been considered by many consumers because of their convenience. These products also promise a lasting level of protection against mosquito bites. But studies show that they are not that reliable at all. The Importance of Repelling Mosquitoes Heat and humidity make you more attractive to female mosquitoes. … Read more

DEET vs Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

Acquiring a mosquito-borne illness, such as Zika, makes you wary of traveling and even just stepping out the door of your home. Preventing mosquitoes from biting you is the best way to ward off these diseases is to keep away the biting mosquitoes. Yes, you can use mosquito nets when you sleep. You can also … Read more

Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus vs IR3535

If you know that you or your family and friends are at risk of acquiring the Zika virus, you should see to it that there is always a level of protection that you should consider. Zika is a scary disease that affects everyone, especially the unborn fetus. The main cause of Zika infection is the … Read more

Permethrin vs Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

The world is now fully aware of what Zika can do. The scare has caused many people to be more careful about their travels and their Zika prevention methods. Since the primary transmission of Zika is through mosquito bites, you should always be sure that you keep mosquitoes away from you and your loved ones. … Read more

Natural Mosquito Repellents for Zika

Mosquitoes are considered pests.  They carry various kinds of diseases such as malaria and dengue. Another one is Zika. The Aedes species of mosquitoes is the day-biting mosquito that carries the Zika virus.  To help prevent the Zika mosquitoes from biting you, you need to keep them away from your living environment. Aside from eliminating … Read more

Repellents Effective Against Zika

Prevention has always been better than cure. One way to prevent any pathogen from affecting you is to repel it. One way to do so is to keep its vector from coming into contact with you. A very potent pathogen now affects many people in many areas with warm climate—the Zika virus. This type of ... Read more