Cacao Is an Ideal Repellent Against Mosquitoes

Cacao is the natural repellent that the German squad used when a plaque of mosquitoes attacked. The team also used mosquito nets to protect themselves from bites. It was an abnormal attack of aggressive mosquitoes. They suffered at night and even during the day.

A swarm of aggressive mosquitoes is affecting the German team

Where It Happened

Germany’s European Championship base is suffering from an abnormal mosquito problem. The players were preparing to play against Denmark when the mosquitoes arrived. Their Bavarian home ground is covered by these insects, preventing them from preparing well for their game.

It happened in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. Adidas built the German Home Ground campus for the national team. It opened in 2020, resting in a grove of trees, surrounded by country. This area was once part of an American military base.

The German Home Ground Campus

High temperatures, foliage, and windless conditions combined to attract swarms of mosquitoes. Without wind, the mosquitoes are free to fly and bite anywhere. Many of the players have already been bitten in the camp. The mosquito swarms prevented the team from watching other tournaments together by the pool.

Why the Mosquitoes Continue to Thrive

At least 50 different mosquito species are present in Germany. These insects threaten the country each year because of the climate in the southern regions. Severe flooding affected Bavaria this year, which led to the reproduction and egg-hatching of mosquitoes.

Bavarian media reported unusually aggressive mosquitoes in Ingolstadt, about 100 kilometers from Herzogenaurach. The area ran out of mosquito repellents. People stopped going out at night. Those who are bitten often seek medical attention. The Herzogenaurach area measures 1400 square meters. The housing units in the camp are made of Bavarian wood. Somehow, this type of traditional wood draws mosquitoes in.

The Cacao Solution

The organic solution they thought of using is cacao. They sprayed cacao fumes in the affected areas. It was able to ward off mosquitoes. The only side effect of this solution is the very unpleasant odor in the camp. The smell made the players stay inside. Each member of the team is using a mosquito net at night.

Using a mosquito net and spraying the premises with cacao repellent
Using a mosquito net and spraying the premises with cacao repellent

Mixing cacao leaves and garlic is an effective natural repellent against mosquitoes. Research shows that a 1% garlic oil solution can protect your skin against mosquito bites for up to 8 hours. Cacao leaves have properties that mosquitoes find unappealing. A mixture of cacao leaves and garlic can make an effective natural repellent spray. It is a safer solution than DEET-based repellents that often cause side effects.

Cacao leaves in spray form as repellent
Cacao leaves in spray form as repellent

Researchers created this repellent spray to help the community get rid of mosquitoes while caring for the environment. Garlic and cacao degrade naturally in the surrounding environment. This repellent can reduce the number of increasing cases of mosquito-borne diseases. It also leaves the air safe to breathe.

Many organic repellents are as effective as DEET-based ones. You can use the cacao-garlic combination. Mix the right amounts and place the repellent in a spray bottle. You can then enjoy a naturally mosquito-free environment.