Jet Lag Can Make You More Attractive to Mosquitoes or Reduce Malaria Infections

Experiencing jet lag may turn you into a mosquito magnet. This is an interesting concept. Jet lag is a common effect of crossing the international date line. Scientists believe that travelers may be less resistant to mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria. This can be a dangerous problem for frequent flyers. The Observation The itchiness of … Read more

Super-Resistant Mosquitoes Are Thriving in Southeast Asia

Super-resistant mosquitoes are growing in numbers. In Southeast Asia, these insects are becoming more infectious because of their resistance to insecticides. Local health authorities often use a fogging method. This fog is made of insecticide clouds sprayed all around the area. Even with regular fogging, super-resistant mosquitoes survive and multiply. The Problem with Super-Resistant Mosquitoes … Read more

Good Mosquitoes Can Be Bred to Reduce the Spread of Disease

Good mosquitoes can continue biting but will not spread diseases. Scientists in India are breeding these good mosquitoes that do not transmit fatal viruses. The efforts could possibly stop the spread of Dengue in many areas of the world. What Dengue Is Scientists want Wolbachia mosquitoes because they do not have dengue. Hotspots for this … Read more

Deadly Mosquitoes: Japanese Encephalitis Affecting More People

The presence of deadly mosquitoes in Australia has brought about Japanese encephalitis. This is a mosquito-borne disease that has resulted in death. South Australia has now eight active cases of the disease. Two cases are still under investigation. The Disease Japanese encephalitis is a disease transmitted by deadly mosquitoes to people. Encephalitis can cause lasting … Read more

Mosquito Bites: Treating Them in Babies to Make Your Baby Healthy

Mosquito bites are common. Since mosquitoes are everywhere,  everyone is a possible victim of their bites. These insects are everywhere. They can also penetrate homes and bite children and babies. It is heartbreaking to hear your baby cry. It is even more disheartening knowing their bite was caused by a mosquito. Below are some things … Read more

Mosquito Bites: Preventing Them and Stopping Kids from Scratching Them

Mosquito bites are irritating. They swell up and become itchy. The instant reaction is to scratch. Kids always want to scratch a mosquito bite. Making them stop means relieving the bite’s itchiness. The female mosquito is the one that bites to nourish her eggs. During the biting process, the mosquito leaves its saliva into the … Read more

Mosquitoes: Ways to Repel These Small, Winged Vampires

Mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of blood. Summer heat activates odor. There is nothing worse than going to the beach or attending a picnic with mosquitoes biting and buzzing around. Avoiding mosquito bites is important. It prevents you from getting mosquito-borne ailments like malaria, dengue, and Zika. Learning how to protect yourself and your … Read more

First Aid Care for Mosquito and Insect Bites

Biting insects, like mosquitoes, can be very annoying and irritating. They can ruin your barbecue, beach time, pool parties, hikes, or camping trips in just a snap. When they prey on you or your pets, they tend to leave you inflamed, itching, and depressed because of the scars that form. When you get bitten, it … Read more

How To Prevent Scarring From Mosquito Bites

You have fun outdoors or just leave the door open one night and before you know it, a hungry mosquito bites you. It doesn’t matter where. It could be on your arms, feet, neck, or even face, but the bites will always sting and become dark on your skin. Scarring can happen from nasty mosquito … Read more