Mosquitoes: Ways to Repel These Small, Winged Vampires

Mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of blood. Summer heat activates odor. There is nothing worse than going to the beach or attending a picnic with mosquitoes biting and buzzing around. Avoiding mosquito bites is important. It prevents you from getting mosquito-borne ailments like malaria, dengue, and Zika. Learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones is crucial. Below are the details you need.

Keep the buzzers outside

Mosquito landing on human skin
Mosquito landing on human skin

Air conditioning and screens can keep mosquitoes out. Mosquito nets are ok for those who do not have window screens. Some of them have a time-release insecticide feature. This makes them adequate for camping trips or picnics.

Remove stagnant water in the home

These insects can breed in just 14 days. All they need is a small amount of standing water in a birdbath, pot, or gutter. For residences with ponds, adding mosquito-eating species of fish can help trim their numbers down. Some minnows and guppies will do. Then, a fountain or waterfall can keep water moving. You can also add Bacillus thuringiensis to remove mosquito larvae. This strain is harmless to pets, people, and plants.

Use a chemical mosquito repellent

Effective mosquito repellents on the market are those with PMD, DEET, IR3535 or picaridin. Using these insecticides according to instructions will protect you and your loved ones from mosquitoes. They are safe for nursing and pregnant women. You can also use them on babies at least two months old. There are insecticides for children with lower concentrations of DEET.

Woman hiker spraying repellent against mosquitoes
Woman hiker spraying repellent against mosquitoes

Avoid spraying insecticides around the mouth or eyes. Keep an eye out for signs of skin irritation. Experts say that you should focus on applying repellents on your wrists, lower legs, ankles, and feet. These are areas that have thin skin. That is why mosquitoes love to bite these areas.

Stay inside at dawn and dusk

These are the most active hours for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can bite any time during the day, but these hours trigger their feeding. If you need to go out during these times, make sure you protect yourself well from mosquitoes.

Wear light-colored clothes

Do this especially when you go out. Dark colors like red, black, and deep blue attract insects. Looser-fitting clothes with thicker fabrics provide better protection than thin, tight-fitting clothes.

Use a natural repellent

You can use the oil of lemon eucalyptus from an Australian eucalyptus tree. You can get a synthetic version of this oil in some repellents endorsed by the CDC.

Make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes

Man, who just finished drinking beer, has a mosquito on his hand
Man, who just finished drinking beer, has a mosquito on his hand

Experts say that some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Someone who drinks a 12-ounce beer will before appealing to mosquitoes. People with Type O blood are more attractive to mosquitoes. There are some lotions, bath oils, and perfumes that make you unattractive to mosquitoes. Try them and be safe from bites.

Wear sunscreen and repellent at the same time

You can do this at the beach or at a hike. You should reapply the sunscreen more often. If you want to reapply both, reapply the sunscreen first. Wait for about 20 minutes a then apply the repellent.

Use repellent products for outdoor activities

If you don’t want to wear repellent, you can always use mosquito coils, repellent plants, and candles. You can also use citronella torches.

Mosquitoes like to bite feet and ankles
Mosquitoes like to bite feet and ankles

Summer is a great time to be out with friends and family. Enjoying yourself means not worrying about mosquito bites. Being vigilant with using repellents can cut down mosquito bites. Picnics, fishing, and spending a day at the beach will always be memorable if you go home without itchy and inflamed mosquito bites.