Deadly Mosquitoes: Japanese Encephalitis Affecting More People

The presence of deadly mosquitoes in Australia has brought about Japanese encephalitis. This is a mosquito-borne disease that has resulted in death. South Australia has now eight active cases of the disease. Two cases are still under investigation. The Disease Japanese encephalitis is a disease transmitted by deadly mosquitoes to people. Encephalitis can cause lasting … Read more

Debilitating Mosquitoes: Filariasis Vectors Affecting the World

Some of the debilitating mosquitoes can cause harmful diseases that cause long-term disability. One of the most common diseases that can cause such consequences is filariasis. Many people often neglect this disease. Filariasis manifests through the swelling of breasts, genitals, and limbs. Research on how to end this disease is still ongoing. Contracting the disease … Read more

Deadly Mosquitoes: Mosquito-Borne Viruses Are Killing Again

The attack of the deadly mosquitoes is starting again. SA (South Australia) has recently issued a health warning over a possible fatal mosquito virus. The Department for Health and Wellbeing informed the community to avoid any mosquito exposure. Seven cases of encephalitis have been identified in SA at least a month ago. Acute Encephalitis This … Read more