Zika: Ways of Protecting Yourself from Zika

Protecting yourself from Zika is equal to protecting others from the virus as well. This disease is transmitted via mosquito bites. It can also be transmitted through sex, blood transfusion, and pregnancy (from mother to fetus). It does not matter whether you are out or just staying in for the summer. Making sure you are … Read more

Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus vs IR3535

If you know that you or your family and friends are at risk of acquiring the Zika virus, you should see to it that there is always a level of protection that you should consider. Zika is a scary disease that affects everyone, especially the unborn fetus. The main cause of Zika infection is the … Read more

Permethrin vs IR3535

It is risky to open doors and windows or even step out in shorts if you know that the area is surrounded with Zika mosquitoes. Zika is a disease that may either manifest symptoms or not. In unborn fetuses, it usually brings about microcephaly. It is detrimental for a pregnant mother to become infected by … Read more