Sandalwood: An Effective Repellent Against Harmful Mosquitoes

Sandalwood or heartwood has a unique aroma. These trees have fragrant wood.  The most prominent sandalwood species are the Australian heartwood and the East Indian heartwood. The popular heartwood has many uses. One of them is repelling disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Sandalwood incense for repelling mosquitoes
Sandalwood incense for repelling mosquitoes

Sandalwood Is Effective

The natural way to keep mosquitoes away is always the healthiest way to go. For generations, this aromatic tree has been the most commonly used mosquito repellent used by Aboriginal people. They burned the leaves, bark, and wood of this tree to remove pests from their gardens. The smell from the burning heartwood also helps shoo away the mosquitoes.

Using Heartwood Is Sustainable

Two main types of sandalwood are commonly used in mosquito protection and aromatherapy:

  • Indian sandalwood takes a long time to mature. It is also now a threatened species in India.
  • Australian sandalwood comes from the southwest of Western Australia. This species has an extensive history of sustainability.

Sandalwood Repels Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be annoying and dangerous. That is why keeping them away  from you is a major priority It is safer and more effective than other mosquito-repellent products on the market today. Essential oils like sandalwood can reduce the mosquito’s biting ability. This particular oil can repel mosquitoes without threatening the environment or your health.

Heartwood shavings for burning
Heartwood shavings for burning

Sandalwood incense sticks, cones, and oils are affordable. The effects of these products can last for hours. This is a major factor in why it is an effective way to keep mosquito bites at bay. Using this product is also harmless to the environment. Even the aroma and smoke that comes from the incense sticks are effective but not toxic at all. It is better than using aerosol insecticides.

Using this substance helps you work with your environment in keeping mosquitoes away. Studies continue to compare heartwood with the most effective artificial mosquito repellents. Most people prefer taking the natural path. This is better for the environment and your health. This natural mosquito repellent is safer even if you spray it.

Benefits of Using Sandalwood

Using strong mosquito repellents can irritate the skin and even cause other problems. Using heartwood is ideal because of its pleasant smell. It does not trigger allergies in most users. Even so, mosquitoes do not like sandalwood at all. So, they leave your space.

As the incense sticks burn and repel mosquitoes, the odor also enhances your memory. It also has anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Studies show that this natural repellent can relieve anxiety and sleeping problems.

Regular mosquito coils
Regular mosquito coils

Heartwood does not have harmful chemicals present in regular mosquito coils. Here are some of them:

  • Meperfluthrin
  • Pyrethrum is a natural material from a chrysanthemum plant.
  • Allethrin
  • Esbiothrin
  • BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)
  • Dimeflutherin is a pyrethroid pesticide.

Some mosquito coils can be harmful to aquatic organisms and the marine environment. They should not be released into the environment at all. They could also be dangerous to children. The safer way to repel mosquitoes is to use natural repellents like sandalwood. Using this natural repellent is not harmful to animals and children.

Sandalwood coils
Sandalwood coils

Mosquito-borne diseases are never welcome in any home or workplace. Parents, children, and pets can stay in a mosquito-free home with sandalwood incense and coils. This repellent can prevent mosquitoes from biting you. You can sleep better knowing that you are using an environmentally friendly repellent.