Sandalwood: An Effective Repellent Against Harmful Mosquitoes

Sandalwood or heartwood has a unique aroma. These trees have fragrant wood.  The most prominent sandalwood species are the Australian heartwood and the East Indian heartwood. The popular heartwood has many uses. One of them is repelling disease-carrying mosquitoes. Sandalwood Is Effective The natural way to keep mosquitoes away is always the healthiest way to … Read more

Repellents: Are Catnip, Bug Zappers, and Mosquito Coils Effective?

Mosquito repellents are everywhere. Have you ever thought if catnip, bug zappers, and mosquito coils are really effective? For decades, these repellent products have helped many households and campsites avoid mosquito bites. Having them in stock has helped you but to what extent? Knowing more about them can tell you how they work against these … Read more

Keeping Flies and Mosquitoes Away While Boating

Have you ever tried to go boating? Boating is a very enjoyable recreational activity. It is something you can do in the company of friends or family. You can easily take a boat on a lake or on an ocean to relax.  Whatever you plan to do on your boating trip can be dampened easily … Read more

A Day At The Beach Without Biting Flies

After a week of hectic work or study, you deserve a relaxing day at the beach, don’t you think? A beach provides calmness, a place in Nature, and a refuge from all the tension of the real world. As with any environment, the beach presents many new elements you do not see in the urban … Read more

Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes When Camping

Have you ever thought of breaking free from your regular, hectic schedule and just escape into Nature? Camping is the best way to do this. Of course, camping is always fun and fulfilling when you have friends, family, or loved ones to camp with. Yet, you must admit—a camping trip is not fun when mosquitoes … Read more