Permethrin vs IR3535

It is risky to open doors and windows or even step out in shorts if you know that the area is surrounded with Zika mosquitoes. Zika is a disease that may either manifest symptoms or not. In unborn fetuses, it usually brings about microcephaly. It is detrimental for a pregnant mother to become infected by Zika. In adults, this disease may start another type of disease after it leaves the body.



To prevent such a scary illness, you should prevent mosquito bites. One of the most effective ways to do so is to use mosquito repellents such as permethrin and IR3535.

What are Repellents?

Repellents are compounds that ward off mosquitoes. It is very helpful for anyone who is constantly surrounded by mosquitoes. Most of them are formulated for usage on bare human skin. They are available as solid sticks, liquids, aerosols, creams, and sprays. Take note repellents are only meant to deter mosquitoes from biting people and animals. They are not meant to kill mosquitoes. Below are some pointers in using repellents properly:

  • Apply repellents only on exposed skin.  Use it sparingly. It is better to use repellents under your clothes if mosquitoes can penetrate the fabric.
  • Make sure you wear long pants and long sleeve shirts when you go out.
  • Do not apply repellents on irritated or wounded skin.
  • Never apply repellents on the hand of children because they might put it in their mouth or eyes.
  • Avoid using repellents when you are nursing or pregnant.
  • Do not ingest or inhale repellents.
  • Avoid applying repellents near your eyes.
  • Wash off repellent off your skin when you return indoors.

If you experience any type of reaction from applying mosquito repellents, seek medical attention immediately.


About Permethrin

Permethrin is a chemical compound or medication that is used as an acaricide, insect repellent, and insecticide.  When it is in cream form, it is primarily used for treating scabies. Permethrin belongs to the pyrethroid chemical family. It is mainly a neurotoxin, which affects the neuron membranes. It does this by prolonging the activation of sodium channels. If you have a cat, it is best to place this chemical away from accessible places because it may cause seizures, tremors, hyperexcitability, and even death. Permethrin is also toxic to fish. It is absorbed poorly by the skin and it has low toxicity to mammals and birds. This compound is classified in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines as one of the most vital medications in a primary health system.

Uses of Permethrin




Here are some known uses of Permethrin:


  • Kills parasites that target livestock
  • Protects crops
  • Prevents insect attacks on products made of wool
  • Domestic and industrial insect control
  • Eliminates lice infestation on humans
  • Disinfects or de-insects planes before to descent or departure in certain countries
  • Insect screen for treating timber, for making flea treatments or collars for pets and for personal protection
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of piperonylbutoxide


  • It is used in treating scabies and head lice in humans. (Treatments should be under a doctor’s supervision.

3.Controlling Pests

  • Used on alfalfa, cotton, maize, and wheat
  • Since it kills indiscriminately, its use is controversial (it can also kill aquatic life and honey bees)
  • Kills ticks upon contact
  • Used in treating mosquito nets so that mosquitoes are killed before they find holes in the net.
  • Used in treating military uniforms and other types of clothes.

Safety of Permethrin

Please note that permethrin caused some burning and mild irritation on the skin. If any hypersensitivity happens, it is best to seek medical attention. Permethrin can only be absorbed in minutes amounts. It is safe for children at least 2 months of age and adults. It is classified by the FDA as a pregnancy category B. Based on animal studies; permethrin has no harmful effects on the formation of the fetus or teratogenicity. Human studies have not been performed yet. It is unknown if permethrin can seep through the breastmilk. It is highly recommended for nursing mothers to discontinue breastfeeding during permethrin treatment.

Other Information about Permethrin

There is little absorption that happens to permethrin. In an in vivo study, there was 0.5% permethrin absorption in about 48 hours. The results were based on the excreted urinary metabolites. Permethrin distribution in the body is concentrated on the brain and in fat deposits. This can be explained through the understanding of each permethrin molecule’s lipophilic nature. Permethrin metabolism happens in the liver. Here, the permethrin oxidation happens in the cytochrome P450 system. It is also metabolized through hydrolysis. Urinary excretion eliminates the metabolites from your body.

British and U.S. armies have the uniforms of their soldiers treated with permethrin so that they can be saved from insect bites and various insect-borne diseases.

Permethrin Toxicology

Permethrin is a known neurotoxin that slows down the nervous system. It binds to the sodium channels. This process is correlated negatively to temperature. It shows more hazardous effects on cold-blooded animals such as frogs, insects, and fish. It is less harmful to mammals with the exception of cats. Below are a few elaborated explanations:

  • This compound is very toxic to aquatic life. Care must be considered when it is used near sources of water.
  • It is highly toxic to felines. If you have a dog that needs tick and flea repellent, keep it away from your cat because it causes feline toxicosis in cats.
  • In very high doses, permethrin has neurotoxic effects on birds and mammals (including man).

Permethrin is a substance for restricted use as set by the US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA because of its high toxicity to aquatic organisms. It is stable, with 51 to 71 days of half life (exposed to light in an aqueous environment). It is very persistent in soil.

Based in the findings of the Connecticut Department of Public Health, this repellent is not highly toxic to mammals because it is not highly absorbable through the skin. It is also quickly inactivated by the human body. If you are to be exposed to high amounts of permethrin, you will experience the following:

  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Muscle weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Excessive salivation
  • Seizures
  • Headache



In domestic animals, permethrin is highly toxic to cats. After given flea treatments formulated for dogs, cats were known to have died. Cats have also died after contact with dogs that have been treated recently with permethrin. Cats experience convulsion, loss of coordination or balance, hyperaesthesia, hyperthermia, and hypersalivation. Any parasiticides that have permethrin are not intended for cats.

How Permethrin Works

Permethrin affects insects if they touch or ingest it. It affects their nervous system. They experience paralysis, spasms, and then death. Insects cannot break permethrin down as easily as dogs and people. Bodies of cats take a longer time to metabolize permethrin that is why they are highly sensitive to it.

Clothes Treated with Permethrin

Permethrin is a contact pesticide. It kills mosquitoes, ticks, and black flies. There are no adverse effects on humans, when it is used properly. Permethrin overloads the nervous system of these biting insects. You can purchase it in its liquid form. Then, you can simply spray it on your clothes as well. The treated clothes become protected for four to six wash cycles. Permethrin was developed by the United States military to protect soldiers in the jungle.

Be sure to position the sprayer about six to eight inches away from the clothes before you spray them. Concentrate on the shirt sleeves and the cuffs of your long pants. These are the areas where the biting insects usually attack. You can also spray it on your hat or just purchase a permethrin treated hat.

If you are concerned about the fabric, do not worry. Permethrin does not harm fabrics. It is even odorless when it dries up. You can use permethrin treated clothes by themselves or with repellents you apply on your skin. This results in the ultimate barrier of protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects.


IR3535 Essentials

IR3535 is an ideal repellent for the entire family. It is a molecule inspired by nature, providing skin-friendly safety without harming insects. It is a safe repellent, you can use at any given time. It is the type of repellent that if not harmful to aquatic organisms such as algae or fish. It does not accumulate in the surrounding environment at all. WHO (World Health Organization) classified it as “U” or “Unlikely to present hazard in normal use”.

IR3535 delivers long term protection and efficacy. It can adapt to your active day lifestyle and never interrupt your sleep all throughout the night. It also exudes sustainability. With IR3535, you and your family can enjoy your time outdoors, camping, swimming, walking, biking, hiking, or barbecuing. This compound can protect you from lice, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes. Just apply it on your skin or clothes and worry no more. Just keep an IR3535 repellent in your pocket at all times.

As you know, everyone can attract mosquitoes. Carbon dioxide in your breath and your skin odor draw them in. Whenever you sweat, you are powerless against female mosquitoes because they will always find you. They suck the blood that they need for their eggs. The nutrients they get from blood helps nourish their fertile eggs. Various microbes influence our body odor and our degree of attractiveness to many insects. Dark clothes, our body’s temperature, and certain perfumes make us more vulnerable to mosquitoes. Some sources of light can make us attractive to them as well.

IR3535, also known as 3-[N-Butyl-N- acetyl]-aminopropionic acid, ethyl ester, was first formulated by Merck & Co., Inc. It was utilized in Europe for at least twenty years. It was then registered for US consumer use in 1999. IR3535 can irritate the eyes. It may even damage or dissolve plastics. Even so, it does not pose as a health threat. European health authorities have not received any reports concerning issues about IR3535.

IR3535 is as effective as DEET, according to Consumer Reports. Like DEET, it can repel deer ticks and Culex species of mosquitoes.


IR3535 Protection

Whenever you go out, you enjoy the natural environment that surrounds you. It is always a bother whenever you end up with sticky repellents. As a result, you never enjoy your outing. Repellents with IR3535 never leave you with a sticky, uncomfortable feeling. This is why IR3535 is a unique repellent with positive reviews. Even if IR3535 is as effective as DEET in shielding humans against mosquitoes, it is also gentle to both insect and human. DEET is toxic to insects, while IR3535 is not. IR3535 is effective against Culex, Anopheles, and Aedes mosquito species. It is available in pump spray, aerosol with 20%, and lotion with 10%. It can protect you for up to eight hours.

Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate or IR3535 is safe to use on animals and humans. It is effective against lice, ticks, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. IR3535 is known as a biopesticide, which is a synthetic repellent.

As you know, there are high risk areas for Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquitoes, especially the female ones, can be aggressive biters. You should make sure that you keep them away from you and your loved ones. The Aedes species of mosquitoes are both day-biting and night biting mosquitoes. The species is known to transmit dengue, chikungunya, and Zika.





Bracelets, clip on repellents have limited effectiveness because their scent can be blown away easily whenever there’s a breeze. It is still best to use repellents with IR3535.

Other Facts about IR3535

IR3535 can be applied on human skin. Its targets are biting flies, deer ticks, body lice, and mosquitoes. Be sure to follow directions indicated on the label before using it. IR3535 has been used in Europe for twenty years without side effects. Tests in toxicity show that IR3535 is not toxic when ingested, applied on skin or inhaled. Your eyes may become irritated if it enters your eye area. If you experience any allergic reactions, be sure to report this immediately to the EPA. IR3535 does not pose any threat to the environment as well.


Always check with your doctor before you use either permethrin or IR3535. It is always ideal to be protected while maintaining optimal health.

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