Bacteria Shown to Stop Transmission of Mosquito-borne Illness

Researchers in Australia have shown that introducing a naturally-occurring bacterium in the wild, called Wolbachia, can control mosquitoes that cause Dengue fever. Wolbachia occurs naturally in 60 percent of all insect species, but not in Aedes aegypti, say experts. That’s the mosquito that spreads dengue. The mosquito species can also transmit Zika virus, yellow fever … Read more

Feds Use Medicaid, Children’s Services Funds to Avoid Delaying Zika Vaccine Research

Feds Use Funds for Medicaid, Children's Services to Avoid Delaying Zika Vaccine Research 0 Shares Email Star Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesA plane sprays pesticide over Miami's Wynwood neighborhood on Aug. 6, 2016 in Miami. 0 Shares Email Federal health officials have been forced to take $81 million in funds from various government programs, including the Centers … Read more