No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent


Biting insects are annoying. Those who are extra irritable are called no-see-ums. To get rid of these pesky biting insects naturally, you need an organic repellent like No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent. No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent has no toxic chemicals such as parabens or DEET. It also wards off other equally annoying biting insects such as mosquitoes and black flies. If you want to smell great while preventing bites from biting insects, this may well be the product for you.



Maybe you have no idea that they exist at all, but yes, they do. No-see-ums are also known as sand flies, biting gnats, biting midges, or punkies. They have yellowish or grayish bodies. Their adult stage resembles mosquitoes, but they are smaller. Their small size enables the, to fit through doors and windows.

No-see-ums leave painful bites and transmit diseases. They are common in tropical areas. If you are always outdoors, then you may have encountered them. Male and female no-see-ums eat nectar for nourishment, but like mosquitoes, only the females bite humans and other animals to nourish their eggs with blood. They bite actively at sunrise and at sunset. The welts that result from their bites last for days. Some only gain discomfort from their bites, but others have allergic reactions to them.

No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent is the all-natural repellent you need to counter no-see-ums and other biting insects. The manufacturer claims that it is safe to use on humans, pets, and horses. It is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is made of essential oils that have only been extracted from plants. Users are happy when they use it because it is non-irritating and non-greasy. It is environment friendly and even safe to use around bees. No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent is safe to use on kids and if you are a vegan, then this is most certainly the repellent for you.



About the Product:

  • No: DEET, parabens, and other toxic chemicals
  • It is safe to for the environment
  • It is safe to use on pets, horses, and even around bees
  • It is non-greasy
  • It is non-irritating
  • It has a sweet botanical scent
  • It is safe to use on kids


Citronella (3%), geranium rose (1%), lemongrass (3%), and RO water (92%)

*** Certified 100% organic ingredients



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