Natura Bona Organic Flying Insect Repellent Spray


Are you tired of biting insects ruining your day outdoors? Do you feel exhausted by frequent repellent application that you cannot enjoy what you’re doing? Then you should probably try Natura Bona Organic Flying Insect Repellent Spray. This all-natural biting insect repellent wards off fleas, mosquitoes, gnats, beach sand fleas, ticks, no-see-ums, and even bees. It provides protection for six hours and you don’t even have to worry about harmful side effects after each application.



The manufacturer claims that Natura Bona Organic Flying Insect Repellent Spray is completely biodegradable and is non-GMO. They also say that it is cruelty-free, safe for the environment, pets, and humans. If you’re vegan, this is the right repellent for you.

Users claim that Natura Bona Organic Flying Insect Repellent Spray can protect you for up to six hours. All you need to do is spray it on your surrounding area or on yourself to repel the critters. They also say that they find the product easy and safe to use. They don’t even need to worry about harsh chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, and DEET, whenever they use it. When traveling, this pH-balanced repellent’s small packaging allows users to place it in their hand bags, purses, or back packs easily. They find it very convenient each time they hike, hunt, fish, river raft, go to the beach, tor trek into deep woods.

The natural essential oils in Natura Bona Organic Flying Insect Repellent Spray make it a safe alternative for synthetic repellents. The manufacturer makes it in small batches, because they want to preserve its effectiveness. Its food grade inerts are approved by the FDA. It is also qualified to be exempted from a US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) registration under the FIFRA 25b.

Users rave about its small, practical packaging because it just fits anywhere. They can carry it anywhere, without taking too much space or spilling on clothes or gear. They also love the fact that the essential oils in Natura Bona Organic Flying Insect Repellent Spray are all cold-pressed, so all the nutrients are intact and not degraded by heat processing.



About the Product:

  • NO: DEET, phthalates, parabens, and other toxic materials
  • It is made of 100% organic, cold-pressed essential oils
  • It can ward off any biting insect, including beach fleas, and bees
  • It can protect you for up to six hours after every application
  • It is safe to use on the environment, humans, and pets
  • It is non-GMO
  • It is cruelty-free
  • It is biodegradable
  • It is vegan


Cold-pressed essential oils (cedar, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, geranium, cloves, citronella) and inert ingredients (non-GMO soybean on oil, distilled water)

*** Certified 100% organic ingredients



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