Mosquito Magician Concentrate


It is undeniable that many insects bite and annoy outdoorsy people like you. It is always important to protect yourself and your family from their bites. Harmful diseases and unsightly marks often result from their attacks. What you need is a reliable repellent such as Mosquito Magician Concentrate. It is a very effective all-natural product against biting insects such as ticks, fleas, lawn grubs, fire ants, flies, spiders, gnats, silverfish, chiggers, crickets, mites, moths, fruit flies, no-see-ums, palmetto bugs, and chinch bugs. This just might be the repellent you have been waiting for.



When we speak of family, we speak of everyone who shares the same living space. Pets are included. Once biting insects attack, everyone should be protected. It’s a good thing Mosquito Magician Concentrate is safe to use on adults, kids, and pets. It has a potent formulation composed of garlic oil, citronella oil, lemongrass oil, geraniol, rosemary oil, and cedarwood oil. The manufacturer presents a full money back guarantee because they are confident in their product’s effectiveness. They said that satisfaction is guaranteed completely.

This product’s manufacturer promises that it is 100% safe, proven, and natural. The six essential oils that Mosquito Magician Concentrate has have been tested independently. Each of them proved to be effective at killing or repelling biting insects, especially mosquitoes.

Mosquito Magician Concentrate is easy to use. All you need to do is to mix it well with clean water. Then, you can spray it with any backpack or pump-up sprayer. You can also use the 100% Automatic Sprinkler Magician Killer Machine. Just a pint of the Mosquito Magician Concentrate can make about 24 gallons of repellent. It is enough to treat an average size property 24 to 32 times. This makes it very inexpensive and practical.

Users say that the six essential oils in Mosquito Magician Concentrate are very effective. They say that it sticks to outdoor surfaces and plants. Because it doesn’t wash off, it provides an impenetrable shield of protection outdoors. This can last for up to two weeks. Users shout out that Mosquito Magician Concentrate works and that thy experience no bites at all.



About the Product:

  • No: DEET, parabens, or other toxic substances
  • Ideal for outdoor games, camping trips, backyard barbecues, fishing trips, picnics in the park, and lounging by the lake
  • A gallon can treat 128,000 sq. feet
  • Safe for adults, kids, the environment, koi fish, and pets
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Can suffocate mosquito larvae in stagnant water
  • Eliminates myriad pests including fire ants, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes
  • Protection lasts up to two weeks
  • Made in the USA


Geraniol, garlic oil, citronella oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, cedar wood oil

*** Certified 100% organic ingredients


“A”—Based on 83 product reviews, with 90% high quality reviews

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