Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent


Do you want a biting insect repellent that is safe for babies? While citronella may be a common organic ingredient in repellents, but not everyone likes the smell. If you want a Citronella-free, chemical-free, and DEET-free repellent, then Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent is the right one for you and your baby. Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent is a unique blend of organic lavender and geranium essential oils to ward off biting insects. It is 95% USDA NOP Organic. You don’t even have to worry if you leave the bottle beside your baby because of its baby safe packaging.



If your household is filled with adults, babies, and kids, then all you need is Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent to protect them from irritating biting insects. It is certified by the USDA as an organic and safe repellent.

Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent will never cause harmful side effects at all. It is absolutely fragrance-free and it can be used on sensitive skin, especially on your baby’s delicate skin. Many users like the manufacturer’s claim that it is truly safe for babies and kids mainly because it has a baby-safe packaging. The adult users say that this the container for Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent is worry-free. This takes a load off the shoulders of parents and guardians during outdoor trips. The baby-safe packaging decreases the risk of being exposed to endocrine disruptors mixed into ordinary plastic.

The manufacturer says that you should shake the product well before applying it. This repellent is effective for two to three hours.  Makers of Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent is committed to staying all-natural and chemical-free. They believe that whatever you put on your body, inevitably goes into your body.



About the Product:

  • No: Citronella; DEET and other toxic chemicals
  • Has a baby-safe container
  • Protects you for two to three hours
  • It is safe for adults, kids, and babies
  • It is safe for sensitive skin
  • It is approved by the USDA as an organic product



Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)—0.33%; reverse osmosis water, essential oil dispersant from sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis), eucalyptus (Eucalptus globulus), cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), lavender (Lavandula officinalis), and lemon (Citrus medica limonum)  –99.67%; other ingredients—0.33%

*** Certified organic ingredients



“B”—Based on two product analyses and 69 reviews, with only 10 unreliable reviews

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