Holiday Bug Control During Your Backyard New Year’s Eve Party

The holiday theme is in the air. New Year’s eve is just around the corner. There is no reason to dismiss the fact that you have invited a small group of friends over for a backyard celebration. Everything’s ready. The only thing you should get more prepared for is the possible mosquito invasion that night. The holiday party will probably start during the day and end the next morning. This would be a feast for the mosquitoes in your yard. You need to make sure you control the situation well.

Removing Unwanted Guests

New Year’s even is often frigid. Most mosquitoes outside lay eggs before winter and then die. Some of them enter the house and find places to lay eggs. But these eggs continue their life cycle if your home is well-heated. Bringing heaters outside will also make the mosquito eggs hatch. This will become a problem at your New Year’s backyard party.

After dealing with the spiders, ants, cockroaches, flies, mice, and rats when they enter your home, you need to make your backyard and home mosquito-free as well. You, your guests, and your pets will be sources of nourishment for the female mosquitoes. It is important for you to get ahead of the possible problem. Before the party, you need to know what you do to remove these tiny parasites from your premises. This is an important thing to do if you do not want your guests to go home with mosquito bites and a ruined night.

Plan Ahead

Keeping mosquitoes out is easier than exterminating them. There can be thousands of them and they can be good at hiding. Clearing your home of stagnant water can help remove the breeding areas. These would be areas under the sink, flower vases, indoor plant pot drains, and collected water from leaks inside the house. Be sure to dump the water out and sanitize the areas.

Creative holiday citronella candles
Creative holiday citronella candles

Check your yard for any object that collects and holds water. Again, dump the water out and be sure to turn over these vessels. Pouring bleach all over these areas will prevent mosquitoes from returning to the same areas. Planting herbs and flowering plants that repel mosquitoes can help form a protective shield around your yard. Make sure they are ideal for cold weather as well. You can bring in citronella torches and start lighting them at night in your yard.

Backyard party on New Year's night
Backyard party on New Year’s night

See if your gutters are clear of any water deposits. Remove dead leaves and twigs. These are ideal breeding places for mosquitoes. Clear the areas and clean them with bleach. Doing this to your ground drains can also remove the mosquitoes. If you have a basement, check the areas there as well for any leaks.

You can set up citronella candles all around your party area. These candles will give you a burn time of 50 hours. You can also place mosquito dunks in standing water around your yard. These dunks will kill mosquito eggs and larvae. On the night of the holiday party, you can give your guests clip-on mosquito repellents, anti-bug balms, mosquito wipes, and liquid mosquito repellents.

Brief Catering Services

If you are planning to have your little gathering catered, it is important to tell them about the possible mosquitoes in your yard. They will bring precautions against mosquitoes. Caterers and event planners often create trays with essential oils, cedarwood, peppermint, and lavender. The essential oils they use are clove, citronella, and rosemary. They can also help by adding more citronella torches or sandalwood incense.

Mosquito candles with catering decorations
Mosquito candles with catering decorations

Having a party in your backyard on New Year’s eve will be fun despite the present health crisis. You and your friends deserve to be in a safe environment, both from the coronavirus and mosquitoes. The mentioned ways to prevent mosquitoes are easy to do. With enough time, you can form a safe party environment. Welcoming the new year will be healthy and safe from mosquito bites.