Gnat Armor All Natural Insect Repellent


Biting insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, gnats, yellow flies, fleas, and ticks are very annoying and irritating. They are even considered detrimental to the health of humans and animals. Since you need a natural repellent that is both effective and safe, you should shift to Gnat Armor All-Natural Insect Repellent. It’s DEET-free and it is safe for you and your pets.


Every household has problems with biting insects. The issue worsens when you have pets around or if you are fond of exploring the woods. Biting insect such as ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and biting flies can ruin your trip or gathering easily. You wouldn’t want pets whimpering, children crying, and adults complaining while you try to have fun, would you? With Gnat Armor All-Natural Insect Repellent, you can be sure to have an awesome time without worrying about toxic chemicals.

Gnat Armor All-Natural Insect Repellent is made of organic ingredients, including pure citronella oil. The citronella scent leaves a refreshing scent on your skin as you shoo away all those nasty biting insects. That’s not all! This repellent’s manufacturer presents it in a convenient container, which you can carry easily when you go on trips

Many users are impressed with the safety level of Gnat Armor All-Natural Insect Repellent. Pets, adults, and kids can all benefit from it because it does not have DEET or other toxic substances. Below are other facts you need to know about Gnat Armor All-Natural Insect Repellent:

  • You can spray it around your tent while camping
  • You can apply it on your clothes and hat
  • You can spray it on the screen of your porch
  • You can spray it on your pets
  • You can use it as a protective spray around your pet’s food bowl to keep ants away
  • You can use it while you hike, hunt, fish, or golf

For spot applications in treating pets with ticks, spray Gnat Armor All-Natural Insect Repellent on a cotton bud and apply it on the tick and the area around it. Apply it back and forth over the parasite. The tick will eventually black out. It may take two to three applications if the tick is deeply embedded.



About the Product

  • No: DEET, parabens, and other toxic chemicals
  • It is made from organic plant-based ingredients
  • Does not corrode plastic
  • Safe for adults, kids, and pets
  • It can be used for removing ticks
  • It is convenient to carry around



All-natural plant based ingredients, which include pure citronella oil

*** Certified organic ingredients



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