Mosquito Awareness: Are Repellents Necessary During Fall and Winter?

Mosquito awareness is important, even during the fall and winter. The warm months may be the peak seasons of mosquito breeding, but most of these insects merely change the way they do things during the cold months. So, yes, using mosquito repellents is part of mosquito awareness during fall and winter.


Egg laying during winter
Egg laying during winter

Part of mosquito awareness is knowing when these insects go through diapause during the cold months. Some species of mosquito diapause as adults, eggs, or larvae. This means that there is some level of flexibility as the species evolve.

During diapause, mosquitoes change their behavior. Eventually, they shut down for the winter. The behavioral changes include looking for nectar instead of blood and moving indoors. They also exhibit changes in behavior when it comes to laying their eggs.

Male skeeter during winter
Male skeeter during winter

Most male mosquitoes say goodbye and fie when the cold months set in. Oftentimes, the eggs inside the females are already fertilized. This allows them to stay ready once the weather becomes warmer in the spring.

Mosquito awareness allows you to be aware that mosquito eggs go into diapause as well. The females will lay eggs in the water before the water becomes cold. The eggs will go into diapause and then hatch once the surrounding temperatures increase to above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mosquito Prevention

The cold months are the perfect time to start mosquito awareness and prevention. Here are some things that you can do to eliminate mosquitoes before the warmer months. The following are some effective ways to remove mosquitoes from your property:

Gutter cleaning as part of mosquito awareness
Gutter cleaning as part of mosquito awareness
  • Always keep your yard and sheltered areas clean. Diapausing mosquitoes will look for items in your property that are often untouched. Remove the objects like bins and old tires that can help mosquitoes sleep through winter.
  • Pour out any standing water on your property. Turn over any vessels that keep stagnant water. These are good breeding areas for mosquitoes. They are also ideal for diapausing eggs. The eggs will stay in the cold water until the eggs hatch. Rake the dried leaves, as well as remove all outdoor toys and patio furniture. Always clean the gutters and mow the lawn.
  • Add mosquito-repelling plants to your garden. Lavender, rosemary, and mint are only a few to consider.
  • Have your yard treated for mosquitoes during the cold months or just before spring.
  • Always bring mosquito repellent before spending time outdoors.
Resting mosquito on cold water
Resting Aedes on cold water

Taking proper precautions against mosquito bites can protect you and your household from mosquito-borne diseases. It can also make your winter vacation stress-free.

Mosquito eggs ready for fall and winter
Eggs ready for fall and winter

Be Aware

Mosquito awareness should continue throughout fall and winter. It is a fact that these insects go through some behavioral and dietary changes because of the weather. Observing preventive measures can protect your home from infections caused by mosquito bites. Repellents and cleaning around your home are effective ways to clear the area of breeding areas. These include gutters, old tires, piles of dead leaves, and pots. Wearing long sleeves and pants can help deter these mosquitoes. So does applying mosquito repellent regularly.