How To Help Keep Your Yard Mosquito Free

Every home owner takes pride in his or her front or back yard. The yard shows how well the owner of the property cares for the lawn and all its elements. Keeping the yard clean and beautifying it with landscaping seem to be enough for most people. Yet a responsible yard owner knows that a yard should also be free of biting insects such as mosquitoes.

As you very well know, mosquitoes are an outdoor nuisance. They are also causes for various health concerns. Mosquitoes are vectors for known mosquito-borne diseases such as the West Nile virus, dengue, malaria, and Zika. Even so, this does not mean that you must lock yourself indoors and not enjoy your yard.

There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard.


Solutions to Make Your Backyard Mosquito-Free


Below are some effective means to eliminate mosquitoes in your yard:


1.Misting system against mosquitoes. This is a system that uses insecticides to rid your yard of pests. Most misting systems are drum-based or tankless, which can both be activated by a set timer or remote control. Pyrethrin is the common active ingredient used in such automated misting systems. This compound us derived from a specific species of chrysanthemum blossoms. Permethrin is the synthetic version of pyrethrin. This substance is not highly toxic to mammals and humans.

Upon activation, the misting formula is mixed right away in a tankless system. The yard owner can then program the amount and the dose rate of pyrethrin. A drum-bases system is made of a waterproof cover and a 55-gallon drum of molded plastic. Upon its activation, the agitation cycle starts and keeps the solution mixed thoroughly. This makes sure that the insecticide is distributed evenly.

Tankless misting systems usually cost about 1,700 USD, while drum systems cost 1,300 USD. You can choose to install either by yourself through online instructions or just hire a professional to do it for you. The spray nozzles of any misting system are set up around the pool, the eaves of your house, and in the outdoor spaces.

2.Air curtain system. Air curtain systems are usually found in concession stands, customer entrances, and drive-up windows. You can use it on your doorways or in your outdoor living space. It functions quietly. Installing and maintaining it is not difficult either.

3.Get rid of stagnant water. Mosquitoes can breed as long as there is stagnant water. It does not matter if it is water in a pail or water in a bottle cap. If there is water, they can breed. As we go through each day, we leave many objects in which water can be collected. In just eight to ten days, the mosquito eggs develop into adult mosquitoes. If you keep removing sources of stagnant or still water in your yard, the mosquitoes won’t have anywhere to lay their eggs. Form the habit of checking your yard, kitchen, and bathroom for any container that might harbor still water for mosquitoes. Check dog bowls, bird baths, and plant saucers. Clean your bird baths and replace the water regularly. If you have a pool, always maintain the filter system and chlorinate it properly. This will prevent mosquitoes from breeding in it.

4.Throw away unnecessary items. Many people store many things in and around their homes. That is why we unknowingly create ideal habitats for mosquitoes. Look at your garage, yard, or kitchen. If you see items that are not used anymore and you see that they are holding water, throw them away. They may hold some sentimental value but if they are making your home a haven for mosquitoes, it is better to remove them permanently. Old tires are usually recycled as swings. You can drill holes in them, so that they won’t retain water. It is common for gutters to be forgotten. Clean your gutters regularly so that water can drain and run through them without any blockages.

We love to maintain a garden. It is always comforting to see plants and trees around our home. They provide herbs, decoration, and shade, but they also give mosquitoes a good place in which to live. Organic material and stagnant water are all they need to proliferate. Make sure that your lawn is always manicured and your garden is always cleaned and maintained well. Doing so eliminates the places where mosquitoes breed and live.

5.Turn over buckets and modify water features. Make sure that you turn over wading pools, kiddie pools, toy buckets or anything that lie around your yard that you plan to keep. This is to keep them from collecting water when it rains.

If you have a water feature in your yard, such as a pool, a pond, rain barrels, or ditches, you should use mosquito dunks that kill all mosquito larvae. A dunk, about as small as a quarter, is placed into any standing water. Then, it releases toxic compounds into the water that kill mosquito larvae. Don’t worry. Mosquito dunks are not harmful to animals, especially pets. You can purchase them from home centers. They will set you back about 10 USD for a pack of six, which will be good in killing larvae for a month in stagnant water of about 100 square feet.

6.Don’t forget your tarps. Tarps are good for covering piles of firewood and large items such as grills and speedboats. If you are using one, do not forget to tip it regularly. Also, be sure to pull it tightly. This prevents rainwater from collecting in the low areas and in the folds. If you cannot pull the tarp tightly anymore, remove it and then drain the water.

7.Treat your yard. All it takes is a gallon of insect repellent for lawns that cost about 30 USD. You can buy them at your local home center. Spray the repellent on the landscaped areas, grass, and shrubs so that you can have a barrier that insects will not dare cross. You can also purchase granules and apply it on your lawn with your fertilizer spreader. The created barrier is made up of oils. It repels the biting insects without releasing chemicals or fumes. Be confident that it will not harm any kids or pets in your yard. You can be sure it will be effective for two to three weeks.

Consider hiring professionals to do this for you. They can treat your lawns regularly or during special occasions such as garden weddings or barbecues.

These methods are ideal for eliminating your problems with mosquitoes. They do require for you to plan. If you forgot to make such preparations, then strong fans and candles throughout your yard will help prevent mosquito bites.

8.Check hidden spots in your property.

Stagnant water has a funny way of making its way everywhere. They can be found in places you will never think of checking. Simple toys, improper drainage, basement leaks, and empty bottles can all harbor stagnant water, which mosquitoes use as nurseries. Standing fresh water is what they need so that their young can thrive. Make it a mission to check the hidden areas in your property. There is no harm in putting more effort. If you get rid of their breeding areas in and around your home, then you can reduce their numbers significantly.

9.Incorporate natural repellents. Believe it or not, there are certain plants that fend off both deer and insects. The repellent trait that these plants have are triggered by an attack from any threatening animal or insect. The plant’s defensive mechanism if only active if they are in danger. Knowing this, you should rough up your citronella or lemon grass plants before your guests arrive.

10.Prepare repellents and insect sprays. If you always have guests in your yard or kids who frequently play in it, then make sure there are bottles of repellents ready. Apply repellents on the kids and tell the adults to apply some on their skin as well. Application needs to be repeated if they sweat or swim. Have insect sprays ready.

11.Dress right. Light-colored and lightweight clothes are the right clothes to wear, if you want to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes gravitate to dark colors. When you want to stay in the yard for hours, keep the navy blue, dark drown, and black shirts in the closet for a while. Pastels and whites are the way to go.

12.Keep your feet covered.  Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, bacteria, and sweat. Because of this, your feet are prime spots for blood- sucking, especially to the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the vector for the Zika virus. Make sure that you and your guests apply repellents on your legs and feet, wear socks and high top sneakers.

13.Stay indoors when you eat. Eating al fresco in your yard is tempting when you have great space. Even so, try to stay indoors when you eat, so that you can relax and be confident that you won’t be bitten while you eat.

14.Install a tent. If it is just a small gathering, you can just tent your patio. This is ideal for the guests to have their meals. The tent prevents their food from being contaminated by insect repellents. It also blocks other insects from bothering your guests. Many tent companies have mosquito. They even have nets that can be attached to outdoor umbrellas. Make sure you top your glasses with cupcake liners to keep insects out of your guests’ drinks. Just punch a hole to make room for the straw.

15.Spray in advance. If you know you are going to host a party, make sure you spray your yard a day in advance.

16.Improve your soil. Wet soil is attractive yard component to mosquitoes. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in low areas that are prone to flooding. They also like soil with poor soil composition, drainage, and layout. Make sure you fill or drain ditches, soggy areas of the yard, and depressed parts of the ground. You can fill tree stumps with mortar or sealants to keep them from collecting water during rainy days. Remember that ditches that keep stagnant water for at least a week can produce a big number of mosquitoes.

17.Lanterns and candles. Mood lighting, right? Lanterns and candles do provide the right lighting, which make your guests comfortable. Repellent lanterns and candles are available in the market. They can be placed on flat surfaces or hung to complement your yard decorations. Long lasting candles should be considered for evening affairs. Look for candles that have geraniol in their wax. It is much more potent than citronella.

18.Improve your pond. If you have a pond in your yard, pay attention to it. Install an aeration device in your pond. Mosquitoes like stagnant water. They won’t be able to lay their eggs in a pond water that keeps moving, which is only possible with a well-maintained aeration device such as a fountain, an aeration pump, or a water bubbler. Water that constantly moves, drowns mosquito larvae because they cannot use their snorkel to breathe.

You can also keep the water level up and use biorational larvicide. They are sold as mosquito dunks or punks. Popular larvicides have methoprene or Bti bacterium as their active ingredients. Methoprene blocks the larval development into adult mosquitoes. Bti bacterium or Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis produces a toxic substance that targets the mosquito larvae’s digestive system. The pupae or eggs are not affected. These larvicides are not toxic to humans, fish, waterfowl, and pets, if they are used properly.

Also consider solid and granular dunks. Dunks degrade gradually when releasing it over time in a wet environment. Granular dunks release the Bti bacterium faster. They are used in treating flower pots, tree holes, and other small containers.

You can try to collect used coffee grounds in killing mosquito larvae. Used coffee grounds are said to force the mosquito eggs to the surface of the water. This deprives the larvae of oxygen. Eventually, the larvae die off.

You have a right to enjoy your time in your yard. To make this happen, you need to rid it of mosquitoes. Hopefully, with the given steps above, you will be able to have a mosquito-free yard, every day of the year.

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