Hello! My name is Jennifer and welcome to my website!

When I was a young girl, it seemed that I was the person most attracted to mosquitoes. When everyone else was going about their business, not especially bothered by mosquitoes or insects, I felt like a magnet for them. As years passed, I learned about how certain people are more attractive to mosquitoes because of their blood type or skins PH balance. Lucky people had a type of chemical makeup that actually repelled mosquitoes. I knew that I could not change my blood type so instead, I focused on trying different diets that would make me less attractive to mosquitoes.

After trying many different foods and giving it my best, all hope was lost. No matter what I put in my body, I attracted mosquitoes and the bites always left me with huge swollen red marks.

Thinking of ways to naturally repel mosquitoes, I tried many different brands of mosquito bracelets, hoping that they would help repel my pesky biting friends and allow me to not have to apply a spray or lotion on my skin. Again, for me, they were a complete waste of time. Thinking back, I should have known that a small rubber bracelet type thingy could never really protect my whole body. Maybe is I attached bracelets all over my body would I have been protected but I think that would have really interfered with my social life.

Knowing that most mosquito and insect repellent made for the skin are loaded with really harsh chemicals like DEET & Picaridin, I decided to avoid those completely and search out more natural and organic type repellents.

I started out by researching what most natural repellents consisted of and found out that the ones that actually worked contained essential oils. With my new found knowledge I quickly began seeking out some of the more reputable essential oils like Lemongrass, Citronella and others, in hope of formulating a perfect repellent made just for my unique skin type.

Was I ever lost! After weeks of experimenting I finally gave up. Blending oils and trying to find ways to keep me from smelling like an herbal garden was almost as bad as the mosquito bites. Not only did my whole house smell like a natural oil factory, but most of my favorite clothes were ruined and I learned that properly blending essential oils is way more complicated that I had planned on. It is complicated and way too time consuming, I was left right where I started. Unprotected and frustrated!

Before giving in to DEET and Picardin, I went shopping for the best mosquito repellent I could find and must have purchased at least 6 different brands. After trial and error I found that I could achieve the protection I needed. I found a formula that works really well at guarding against mosquitoes and insects and lasts a long time.

I hope the information on my website is helpful to you and hopefully it will help you stay protected and save you time when searching for your perfect repellent.

Happy researching and stay protected!