Natural Insect Repellent Pest-Off Body Oil with Neem Oil

FEATURES Protecting yourself and your loved ones from biting insects is imperative. It is no secret that biting insects transmit deadly diseases. As a responsible homeowner and head of the family, you should look after everyone indoors and outdoors. Your repellent must be effective and safe. DEET-free repellents should be at the top of your ... Read more

Granny Vicars’ Insect Repelling Oil Rub

FEATURES When you put “oil” and “insect repellent” in one sentence, it does not usually encourage a pleasant sensation. Having an insect repellent linger on your skin in the form of oil is not a welcome idea for most consumers. Granny Vicars' Insect Repelling Oil Rub is different. It is a pleasant product, made of ... Read more