Spiders: Preventing Spiders From Entering Your Home as Summer Ends

Spiders are creepy arthropods. Most of them mind their own business. They do their best to hunt and proliferate their species. Arachnids do not attack unless provoked or unless they need to do so for their survival. It is difficult to perceive spiders as allies of Mother Nature. The only way to avoid getting in their way is to prevent them from entering your home.

House spider on a woman's hand
House spider on a woman’s hand

Many people fear spiders or become irritated by the cobwebs. Preventing them from entering your home can avoid anxiety and distress in anyone scared of spiders in your house. Here are some simple ways to prevent arachnids from entering your home or even biting you:

Use horse chestnuts

This is a natural way to keep spiders away. Horse chestnuts are also known as conkers. These contain chemicals that are unattractive to spiders. Placing conkers in the corners of the house where spiders frequent can prevent arachnids from coming back. You can cut holes in the horse chestnuts so that they can release more chemicals.

Transfer the trash bins away from the house

Spiders love to eat flies. Since flies hang around trash, arachnids spend time there as well. Roll your bins as far as you can from your house. Make sure to keep them closed at all times as well.

Get yourself a cat

Cat ready to hunt for spiders
Cat ready to hunt for spiders

Cats are more than just fluffy and cuddly pets. Felines are inherent hunters. They take care of any insects that wander inside your home. Cats can stalk, chase, and eliminate tiny invaders like grasshoppers, moths, and even spiders. They are protective of their territory. That is why they spend all night protecting you from all sorts of tiny critters.

Make sure you turn off your lights outdoors

Lights always attract insects. Arachnids feed on different insects. Light is an effective insect attractant. If you attract insects in your home, spiders will come and hunt. You can prevent this by turning off the porch and yard lights at night.

Use lemon peels

Insects hate citrus fruits. Spiders dislike them as well. Take lemon peels and rub them over bookshelves, windowsills, and on areas where they could hide or pass. Spiders will ignore your home and just keep moving. Do this to your garage or shed as well. This will reduce the startling moments of finding spiders behind the toolbox or jar of screws.

Plant some eucalyptus plants

Woman planting a eucalyptus plant
Woman planting a eucalyptus plant

Spiders do not like eucalyptus at all. You can plant them outside and surround your house with them. This will ward off arachnids from your home.

Spray peppermint

Get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Add in 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. Spray this on the cracks and corners of your home. You can also spray some on your duvet. This will prevent the arachnids from getting on your bed. You can also use a peppermint tea bag. After brewing your peppermint tea, place the squeezed, used teabag in the bedroom.

Use cinnamon and lavender

Cinnamon leaves a strong scent. This Christmas spice can keep arachnids away. You can bake with cinnamon or light a cinnamon-scented candle. You can also use lavender plants or a lavender-scented candle. This will prevent the arachnids from entering your home. It can even make spiders leave your living space.

Clean up your home and garden

Woman cleaning her home to clear it of spiders
Woman cleaning her home to clear it of spiders

Keeping your home and garden clean and tidy can help keep spiders out. Always paying your garden and less-frequented rooms a visit can prevent spiders from establishing webs. Trim the shrubs or bushes right next to your house. De-cluttering your house every other day can reduce arachnids’ chance to make your home their headquarters.

Cover all types of food

Summer is a time for outdoor activities. Barbecues and pet food are irresistible to many insects, especially flies. Attracting flies to your yard and home can also bring in the spiders. Make sure to cover all types of food inside and outside your home. Remember that no hovering flies equals no arachnids.

Seal the cracks

Spiders get into your home through the tiniest cracks. These include the small gaps around your doors and windows. Sealing the cracks and reducing the gaps can help keep them out.

A huntsman with its prey
A huntsman with its prey

Remember that arachnids are not your enemies. You can coax spiders to leave your indoor environment. Using a long broom to do this gently can do the job. You do not need to kill them. They are small predators that keep insect pests down. Repelling them is the most humane way to keep arachnids out of your home this summer.