Mosquitoes: Repelling Them in the Fall

You may think that mosquitoes are only active in the summer, but they are not. The fall season is warm enough for them to linger around. Mosquitoes can stay around the area until most of the autumn season. Because of this, being free of mosquitoes is truly difficult. Even so, you can adapt ways to repel these clever insects.

Mosquito fogger

This blood-sucking insect is harmful to your health
This blood-sucking insect is harmful to your health

This is a yard spray with insecticide. A mosquito fogger can keep the mosquitoes away for weeks. It is best to spray the whole perimeter of the yard.

Gutter cleaning

Rain gutters are favorite spots of mosquitoes. These areas often collect rainwater and leaves. Mosquitoes love to hatch their eggs in such places. Developing the habit of clearing the gutter every few days will ensure the reduction of mosquito presence in your premises.

Mosquito-proof clothes

Mosquito-proofing clothes can protect you better from mosquitoes. The weather is cooler by the time fall comes. You will be wearing more layers of clothing. Several layers of clothes can increase the distance between your skin and the mosquitoes. This lowers your risk of acquiring diseases.

Exposing as little skin as possible can help you avoid bites. Thicker fabrics like polyester, leather, and woven nylon are optimal choices. Mosquitoes can’t pierce your skin through them. Light-colored fabrics are not attractive to these biting insects. Dark-colored ones are.

Mosquito repellent

Mosquito-repelling plants around the garden
Mosquito-repelling plants around the garden

This is a mosquito spray capable of making you invisible and unattractive to mosquitoes. Spraying mosquito repellent on your skin will stop mosquitoes from sensing you. Using repellents with 20 percent DEET is effective. If you want natural sprays, use lemon eucalyptus oil. Reapplying the repellent every three hours. That way, you can have continuous protection.

Mosquito-repelling plants

These plants are easy to care for and decorative. Some examples are mint, catnip, basil, and citronella. Placing these plants on the windowsill, doorway, and other entry points to your house will discourage mosquitoes from entering your home. You can get some leaves and chop them up. Doing so agitates the leaves, releasing their repelling aroma. It’s just a simple way of preparing your very own insect repellent.

Placing the plants in the right areas is also important. If mosquitoes are making it inside your home, getting indoor mosquito-repelling plants is ideal. If they are in the garden, placing plants along the borders of the area will keep you safe from bites while you work. Keeping an eye on which mosquito-repelling plant is in season is also ideal. You will need plants that perform well during the fall season.

Essential oils

Essential oils as repellent
Essential oils as repellent

You can put essential oils around your home. Applying lemon balm, mint, and citronella on windows and doorways can repel mosquitoes. They can keep these insects outside. You can also apply these oils to your skin to prevent bites.

Insect lights

If you are having a yard party or just like to spend evenings outdoors during the fall, placing torch lights and other light sources around you can attract mosquitoes. Consider getting insect lights instead of ordinary light bulbs. These keep various insects away while providing the light you need.

Yard cleaning

Keeping the yard clean is also a good way to prevent these insects from taking over. Decaying plant matter and debris are ideal breeding areas and hiding places for these insects. Making a habit of it can prevent mosquitoes from entering your home and surrounding you whenever you step out.

Repellent lighting can help shoo away mosquitoes
Repellent lighting can help shoo away mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are blood-sucking insects. The females are the ones who suck blood. They need it to nourish the eggs they are carrying. These insects are active at dusk and at dawn even during the fall. It is always best to follow the mentioned tips to make sure you and your household are safe from mosquito bites.