Flies: Repelling Them at Home for Health and Safety

Flies are annoying. House flies are always around. Wherever there are people, there will always be insects. These winged creatures incubate their eggs on garbage, decomposing organic material, and animal feces. They multiply quickly. That is why they are all around you, especially when there are attractive scents near you or on you. Sweet smells of fruit, food, and vanilla often motivate them to get closer.

Fly on a house plant
Fly on a house plant

The Danger of Having Flies Around

Houseflies transmit various diseases. Bacteria and viruses take a ride on flies as they hop from one infected substrate to another. Some of the diseases they cause are cholera, dysentery, eye infections, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, cholera, diarrhea, and food poisoning. They can also cause yaws, which is a tropical infection.

Getting Rid of Houseflies

Here are some effective pointers to keep houseflies away from you and your living space:

Dish soap and vinegar

Mix some dish soap and sugar to trap flies. Get a tall glass and pour an inch of apple cider vinegar into it. Then, place a few drops of dish soap into it. Place a plastic wrap over the glass and secure it with tape or a rubber band. Place small holes through the plastic.

Woman lit a sandalwood incense stick to fend off flies
Woman lit a sandalwood incense stick to fend off flies

Plant flowers and herbs

Certain herbs and plants can repel flying insects. Basil, catnip, marigold,  bay leaves, and lavender.

Water and cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can keep these flying insects away. Mixing cayenne pepper with water and spray it around the house to keep them from coming in.

Pyrethrin-based insecticide

Insecticides like this work quickly. These products are not effective on a long-term basis. Flies develop resistance to insecticides because of their short life cycles. The effect of insecticides also goes away immediately.

Remove attractants

These clever insects are attracted to feces, trash, and lights. They always want good substrates for their eggs. Keep everything clean outdoors and indoors. Light always attracts flies. Turn off the lights.

Spraying insecticide on flies
Spraying insecticide on flies

Use citronella or sandalwood incense sticks

This can work indoors and outdoors. Lighting sandalwood or citronella incense sticks can repel flying insects. Place the incense sticks around people and food.

Install yellow light bulbs

Believe it or not, yellow light bulbs repel flies. This will be effective if you place the lights beside the windows and doorways.

Spider on a woman's hand eats flies
Spider on a woman’s hand eats flies

Use blue light bulbs for fly relocation

According to a study at the University of Florida, blue light can attract flying insects. You can light blue lights outside your property’s perimeter. This will keep away flies away from your home.

Keep the spiders

Spiders eat flies. You can keep the spiders alive in your house, especially if they are not a bother at all. Letting the spiders eat the flying insects is a healthy, natural way to remove them from the house.

Fruit bird feeder must be clean all the time
Fruit bird feeder must be clean all the time

Clean out the fruit bird feeders

The smell of rotting fruits attracts flying insects. Checking your fruit bird feeders regularly will keep the fruits fresh and your living space clear of flies and other insects.

Drain standing water

Flies love to be around standing water and any moisture source. See if you have undrained water and drain it. Clearing the stagnant or standing water sources near our house can remove these flying insects from your home.

Woman cooking without flies hovering
Woman cooking without flies hovering

Summer is here. Heat activates odor. If you want to remove flies from your home, you should keep your home clean inside and out. Having fly spray around is helpful but repelling them on long-term is best. A fly-free space is a disease-free space.