Canine Protection Against Mosquito Bites for Your Dog’s Health and Safety

Proper canine protection does not only involve shielding your dogs from fleas, ticks, bacteria, or viruses. It also includes protecting your dogs from mosquitoes. Giving your dog the proper shield against mosquitoes can reduce your worries about your pet’s discomfort and illness. You can bring in candles, incense, and organic sprays. Giving a healthy mosquito canine protection to your furry friend can help them have a longer life.

Are Mosquito Bites an Issue for Dogs?

A mosquito on a husky's nose
A mosquito on a husky’s nose

Because of the fur on dogs, many think that you should not worry about mosquito bites at all. In truth, their short or long fur does not protect them from mosquito bites. Aside from skin irritation and swelling, these bites can also cause dreadful heartworm disease. Mosquitoes are vectors for these parasites. Heartworm affects cats, foxes, and coyotes as well. These worms can last for five to seven years in dogs. That is why these pose a huge health threat for canines.

Preventing the Bites

Primary canine protection against mosquitoes comes in the form of preventing overwhelming populations of mosquitoes in your home in the first place. Using DEET on your dog’s fur or skin is never ideal. Dogs lick themselves so the toxic repellent will cause them harm. Controlling mosquitoes in and around your home is the safest form of canine protection against mosquitoes.

Avoiding Peak Hours for Mosquito Bites

Natural mosquito repellents as canine protection
Natural mosquito repellents as canine protection

Never walk or leave your dogs outside during dusk and dawn. It is always ideal to have a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is out.

Pour Out Stagnant Water

Removing standing water in and around your home is important. Changing the water in your pet’s drinking bowl is among the crucial practices you should observe. Even an inch of stagnant water is enough for mosquitoes to breed in.

Maintain Proper Barriers

Check your doors and windows if the screens are intact. Repair them right away. Filling the gaps in window sills and air conditioners can also help keep away mosquitoes. Waking up with new mosquito bites means you have vulnerable openings in your home.

Use Pet-Safe Repellents

Pet safe repellants for your dog's skin and coat
Pet safe repellants for your dog’s skin and coat

Mosquito repellents with human formulations are not for dogs. Repellents for dogs have specific formulations suitable for them. Using them will provide appropriate canine protection against mosquitoes. These products will keep mosquitoes away from your dogs. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can live in and around your home all year. Providing consistent canine protection against these pests is vital.

Maintain Your Yard

Make sure your yard is always well-maintained. Have your lawn and bushes trimmed all the time. This is ideal for dogs that like to play in the yard all the time.

Inspect While Bathing with Repellent Shampoo

There are dog shampoos with mosquito-repelling ingredients. The scent lingers after bathing and repels mosquitoes during this time. Bathing your dogs often allows you to inspect their skin for hives, open scratches, and external parasites. It also allows you to scrub thoroughly, removing the dog smell that often attracts mosquitoes.

Keeping Everything Clean in Your Home

Unclogging drains and gutters can prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your home. If you are storing water in your bathroom, make sure to cover the containers. Check the laundry area for any leaks or standing water in and under the washer. Change the water in your vases and water plants regularly. This will discourage the mosquitoes from laying eggs in the vase. It will also remove the eggs and wrigglers. Wiping every spill right away will clear the surfaces of stagnant liquid.

Mosquitoes should never land on your dogs
Mosquitoes should never land on your dogs

Canine protection from mosquitoes can benefit your dogs and your whole household. It is never good when mosquitoes bite. They tend to leave your pet with skin irritation, lesions, and disease. Keeping canine protection from mosquitoes at a high level in your home will keep your dogs comfortable and healthy. It can even result in your dog’s longevity.