A Bite-Free Summer Fun Is Always the Goal During the Hot Months

Your bite-free summer goal is possible with the right know-how. These hot, humid months are often irritating. They can even be worse because of mosquitoes biting you at every opportunity. Dealing with the bites is not the only thing you need to do. You also need to worry about the illnesses that these insects can leave you. That is why you need to have a bite-free summer.

Worry-free in and out of the water
Worry-free in and out of the water

Reduce Your Beer and Soda Consumption

Studies show that beer may cause more mosquito bites. The carbon dioxide in the beer or soda fizz may be causing the attraction.  If you want a bite-free summer, keep your beer or soda drinking in moderation.

Choose the Right Type of Repellent

The right repellent can result in a bite-free summer
The right repellent can result in a bite-free summer

A bite-free summer is also possible with the right type of repellent. Choosing a repellent with DEET or diethyltoluamide can keep mosquitoes away. The same thing happens when you have repellents with the oil of lemon eucalyptus or picaridin. You can also try tea tree oil or citronella to ward off mosquitoes. Apply these repellents on exposed skin. Reapply when necessary.

Turn On Your Fan

Research shows that mosquitoes have a hard time flying around in moving air. They cannot land and fly well. The air from a fan also disperses carbon dioxide. This makes it difficult for the mosquitoes to find and bite you.

Wear Bright Colors

A bite-free summer can result from brightly colored clothes
A bite-free summer can result from brightly colored clothes

Studies reveal that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Since it is summer, it is better to wear bright colors. These hues will reflect heat and light. At the same time, these colors also prevent mosquitoes from ruining your bite-free summer.

Fill Pot Saucers with Sand

Pot saucers collect excess water after you water your plants. These are perfect breeding areas for mosquitoes. If you want to have a thriving garden, you can still have a bite-free summer. Putting sand in the pot saucers can prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water. Sand fills the water and does not leave space for larvae to develop.

Stay Inside During Biting Hours

Female mosquitoes bite at dawn and dusk. You can have a bite-free summer by staying indoors during these hours.

Remove Standing Water Around You

Some summer days are rainy. This places water in areas and objects that can hold water around your property. Watering your plants can also leave small amounts of water. Cleaning your property can remove stagnant water every day. Make this a habit every afternoon and you can be sure to have a bite-free summer.

Remove stagnant water
Remove stagnant water

Eat Stinky Cheese

There are some scientists who have proven that mosquitoes are attracted to smelly Limburger cheese. Bacteria cause this stinky scent. You can avoid incorporating this cheese into your beach parties and barbecues for a bite-free summer.

Limburger cheese
Limburger cheese

Plant Mosquito Repelling Plants

Having a bite-free summer is also possible by raising repellent plants. You can have them in pots or on the ground. Here are some mosquito-repelling plants that you can add to your garden:

  • Citronella is an organic repellent. Its oil is also a common ingredient in products that keep mosquitoes away.
  • Catnip may be irresistible to cats but it is annoying to mosquitoes.
  • Lemon balm smells a little like citronella but it is easier to grow.
  • Marigolds are happy flowers that can control mosquito populations.
  • Lavender can calm you and can keep mosquitoes away as well.
Plant catnip for a bite-free summer
Plant catnip for a safe summer

A bite-free summer is possible with the help of the mentioned pointers. Being able to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito-borne diseases can make your vacations and adventures safe and healthy. You should make your protection consistent and thorough to keep those nasty skeeter bites away.