Gnats: FAQs in Repelling These Tiny Insects in the Fall

Gnats are swarming insects. They annoy residents and even pets. These insects are often in the garden, but they can enter the house through holes, cracks, doors, or windows. Gnats like to be in and around rotten fruits, trash cans, and other moist, decomposing matter. Why do gnats enter your home? Gnats like musty and … Read more

Gnats: Effective Ways of Repelling These Tiny Insects

Many gardeners treat gnats as constant pests in the garden. Black flies are long-legged insects attracted by organic materials and moisture. There are many species of black flies. Some like the soil of houseplants. Others want to be in the garbage disposals or over-ripe fruits. Wetness indoors can attract them. Once inside your home, gnats … Read more